Top Four Signs Of Prescription Drug Addiction

Drug and alcohol dependence kills numerous Americans. Among the latest dependence many Americans face now would be to prescription medication. The harsher truth of pharmaceutical medication dependence is that many Americans don’t realize they’re suffering from an addiction until it’s too late. If there’s a belief that you or someone you know might be affected with this addiction, here are the top four signs of prescription drug dependency that might help to confirm any premise:

Increase in prescription medication use

Among the very tell-tale signals of prescription drug addiction is the escalation in usage. The medications they’re taking are not functioning as efficiently, so that they might increase the dosage without first consulting with a physician. If you observe that you or somebody else that you know is getting more tolerant of this medication they’re taking and need a bigger dose, then that is an indication that they might have dependence?

Personality change

A frequent complication of prescription drug misuse is an alteration in general personality. The suffering may isolate them from nearest and dearest or draw from social interaction completely. Most hooked men are ashamed of the addiction and don’t want their peers to judge them for this. Occasionally the hooked may find relaxation in armodafinil and might like to do it independently.

Developing excuses to fill more prescriptions

The ones that are hooked on prescription medications are aware of the fact that so as to obtain more medication, they must either receive a prescription, or even locate a seedier method like a drug dealer. Most hooked persons will whine of further ailments to acquire more prescriptions. Some might fill prescriptions in other pharmacies, travel great lengths to receive their medications.


Many folks with a drug addiction will reveal the unwanted side effects of the medication they’re on fairly fast, and more clearly, with misuse. Among the most frequent side effects of prescription medication brands is exhaustion. Somebody who’s addicted to those medications is more likely to be absentminded and inattentive given her or his lethargy.