How Drones Are Becoming Used On Golf Courses

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The use of UAV is discovering new avenues with each passing day. The discipline of sports and athletics is no distinct and many sports teams are actively attempting to incorporate drones in team management. Golf is just one such sport where drones are being used to a great extent. Drones are used in the regions of golf management and golf marketing.

Golf management

Managing a golf course is an arduous job because it not only involves catering to the golfers but also includes maintenance of the full golf program. This job has been done manually for many years with the staff inspecting every corner of the golf course to see the state of the vegetation. Drones are now being used to manage and monitor unique areas of the golf course to make the operation efficient and time-saving. The drones simply move around the golf course and picture the several areas of the website to find out if there is any issue with the plant in any part of the program. There are a number of businesses that offer golf course management via drones. NexDrone, Greensight and many other businesses use their drones to capture the footage and store it on a cloud for easy accessibility. With aerial imagery, the management group of the class can’t only find out the issue areas but can also flag potentially problematic locations.

Golf marketing

Drones have been in use for golf marketing for quite a while and golf classes that don’t use drones for marketing purposes are definitely not maximizing their marketing possible. UAVs offer the best opportunity to catch the golf course at all its grandeur and the footage can then be compiled into an awesome promotional video that would convince people in a far better manner than any additional promotional pitch.